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The Xenobe Research Institute (XRI) was founded in 2004 with the goal of advancing natural products towards the clinic. Its specific aim is simple, to help raise awareness and interest in natural product research. XRI is a small non-profit research institute run by one individual, Dr. James La Clair. Its efforts have led to a modest series of publications and federally funded grants. To quell any potential rumors that may exist, Dr. La Clair does not take salary from this program nor does he use this program to lure in collaborators to take advantage of them. The Institute was launched as a tool to help the community in all honesty. To date, XRI has gained a reputation for its high level of generosity often routing the lion-share of its federal funding through its collaborators laboratories.

From 2004-2009, XRI maintained a 3000 sq. ft. laboratory in Normal Heights district of San Diego, California, a facility that was built by Dr. La Clair. The research for most of the papers published prior to 2012 was conducted at this facility. This was not an easy task to accomplish. During this period, research efforts provided XRI with some fantastic resources such as fluorescent dyes, natural product extract, natural product libraries, reverse affinity tools as well as tailored antibodies. XRI has since retreated to a smaller location. All research manuscripts are now published with a clear listing as to where the work was conducted. Most often it is in the lead PI or corresponding authors laboratory.

This website provides a description of the ongoing projects. A description of each project is provided chronologically in the table above. Individual projects are commonly device to store and archive natural products, a 96-welled plate. Roll over the wells to inspect each project and click the wells to read about them. Dr. La Clair is actively engaged in natural product research at all levels of the discovery process including participating in a variety of marine and terrestrial collection expeditions.

For NIH funded research please refer to our FCOI available online here

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